Blog Launch


Well this is just great.

First I was the Domestic Engineer. Then I was Mother Merry. Now I’m Summa Momma.

Seems I’m having trouble finding a blogging identity and sticking with it. For those of you who followed me through the first two endeavors, I think you’ll notice some major changes. Whereas the Domestic Engineer was private and wrote all about the cute, hilarious things her kid(s) said/did, Mother Merry was public and wrote almost exclusively on Important Things like Religion and Parenting.  I think after a few years, I’ve mellowed on both of those fronts. Neither of those blogs lasted because they were too narrow and let’s face it: writing only One Type of Thing gets boring after a while.

Here, what I hope to do is to create a space where we can learn together about one another’s journeys in the Faith, talk about theology, my work as an NFP instructor, my vocations as wife, mother and now a part of the Dominican Family and… books… of course books. So if any of those things sound interesting to you, by all means– welcome!

Now let’s get this blog started.


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