PSA: Temp-Drop


Hey ladies! There’s a new BBT (Basal Body Temperature) Thermometer for NFP-users due to come on the market Spring 2016… That is, if they raise enough funds.

Let me introduce to you: Temp-Drop. It’s a BBT that you fasten under your arm at night.  It automatically tracks your temperature, keeps track of your sleep cycles, and determines your *TRUE* BBT for the night, making it much easier to chart temperatures, especially during periods of poor or interrupted sleep. This means that no one is beholden to their alarm clock, too. To top it all off, it is capable of syncing directly to your phone or computer, uploading your information to your favorite charting app!

While Temp-Drop may not be perfect (you have to replace it after a year of use and it is on the pricey side), it is a landmark product in NFP technology that is worth supporting!! You can preorder NOW. Tell your friends. Post it on Facebook and Twitter and your blog. Anything to get the word out!

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