The past few days have been tough. There are things to do, lots of pressure towards the end of the semester and oh yeah– kids.

I was in the shower the other day while hubby took care of getting the kids breakfast and since that’s the only time I really have to myself, that’s usually when I find a few minutes to pray.

“Jesus,” I asked, “…why?”

“Why did you bother to come and be born as a baby, grow up, spend years teaching, die that horrible death and then rise again? I’m doing what I can here with my life and yeah, I could be doing better, but why did you do that for us? My days are spent cleaning toilets and changing diapers and making lunch that no one eats. Why did you expend all that Greatness just to come for things that are so… mundane?”

I sat with that thought for about thirty seconds (that’s a long time these days) and then suddenly I got a response.

 That’s exactly why I came– so that the mundane (things of this world) could attain to heaven. 

Ask a silly question and you get a silly answer, I guess. 
But it put a few things into perspective when I greatly needed it.  This world isn’t our eternal home, no matter what the tabloids or the politicians or any philosophers say. This life can’t fulfill our desires and our worldly desires can’t give meaning to this life. It’s mundane. And it always will be. But thanks to Christ it is infused with the Already-But-Not-Yet of the Kingdom and that gives everything (even dishes and diapers and half-eaten lunches) meaning and hope.  That’s why He came, because God doesn’t want us stuck in the mundane forever– but He does want us to live in it and be leaven for it now. 


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