Almost There

+JMJ+ Stillllll not feeling great– this kid may be small, but he/she is making his/her presence felt! I hope to get a bigger blog post up soon, but I wanted to whet your appetite, by posting a (now month-old) photo of the newly-received: Mrs. Zelie Margaret Valenzuela O.P.

So far, I’ve been a pretty sub-par Dominican. I’ve been trying to work in my prayer and study time, but it’s a slow, slow, sometimes frustrating process. When I first started out with my postulant formation, I had no idea that through it, God would reveal a very important fact:

He has called me to be a Dominican because I have a LONG way to go. And I need Dominic’s help. 

“To Jesus, through Mary” is an oft-quoted phrase. Right now mine looks like: “To Jesus, through Mary. But first, to Mary, through Dominic.” But more on that later. And hopefully I’ll be able to write about my new name!


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