NFP Awareness Week


So, I’ve been neglecting my own blog recently, but I did get a little spot done for Melody at Melody’s HarmoniesWhat made it to her blog was the “personal experience” component, which I never feel all that confident about writing. The original piece I sent her was more about introducing people to our chosen method, so I give that to you below.  

Please head over to her blog to check out what I and a few other women have to say about our journeys (so far) with NFP! And if you want to learn more about BCC, contact me!

Boston Cross-Check Method
This is my favorite method (which is why I chose to  teach and practice it!) for three reasons: effectiveness, options and ease. BCC is a hybrid model of Heidelberg sympto-thermal plus the Marquette ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor protocol, which places its *TYPICAL* use effectiveness around 98.4% and perfect use at 99.6%+ (that means it’s super easy to learn and use).  By combining simplified mucus observations, basic NO MATH temperature rules and an easy monitor check, this is a method that anyone can use.  Couples can use all three observations to cross-check, or pick and choose which ones work best at any given time. Do you  have a toddler with a crazy sleep schedule? Ditch the temp that month. Weird mucus patterns? Forget it for now. Missed your testing window for the monitor? That’s ok. Post-partum? We have cutting-edge research protocols for the monitor, whether or not you are also using LAM. The individual components are flexible and can be varied every month, but the method on the whole is solid. I have only used it for postponing (yet!), but many clients with PCOS or other fertility issues have used it successfully to conceive. If you can keep a basic chart and want a method that is simple to learn, I really can’t recommend it enough! 



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