7QT: 7 Types of NFP


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SUPER quick this week!

Some people think that “NFP” is a specific term which means a particular method, but “NFP” is really an umbrella term to describe a whole family of methods which take into account the natural period of fertility and infertility in order to achieve or postpone pregnancy.  No one method is perfect for everyone, and some couples may find that their needs vary over time. So, as we wrap up NFP Awareness week, I present to you:

7 DIFFERENT Types of NFP! 

…And links for where to find out more!

1. The Rhythm Method– What my doctor thinks I do, as she wrinkles her judgy-McJudgerson nose. An oldie, but for some people it can still be a goodie!
2. Billings– A truly pioneering method developed over 50 years ago, which has helped set WHO standards.

3. Sympto-Thermal- There are a LOT of variations on this one, but they all require similar observations and charting styles. This link provides FREE instruction manual and charts.
4. Creighton- Sorry, NaPro users, I’ve met far too many of you who think this is the only method… but you’re one of many! This is the method I point people towards if they have fertility problems and are trying to conceive. It’s *very* tough to learn for some people, but can yield great benefits.
5. Marquette (and Sympto-Hormonal)– A huge technological leap for NFP! Can be done in combination with a sympto-thermal approach as well. I use the Boston Method, which is an example of such a hybrid. 
6. Cycle Beads– For those Earthy-Crunchy types. Get them at your local Whole Foods! Can be very simple and effective for over 80% of the population.

7. Standard Days– Developed by Georgetown especially for third-world nations or populations with little educational backgrounds.

Whether you’re totally happy with your method, looking for something different, or perhaps checking it out for the future, I hope this helps! Again: this is NOT an exhaustive list! If you are using something I left out, please add it in the comments. 
Thank you Carolyn for hosting this week! Happy Friday!
Summa Momma

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