Planting Pro-Life Seeds


A few weeks ago, our family went out to dinner with my husband’s lab mates to celebrate the graduation of one of their fellow students. At dinner, the graduate and his wife announced that they were expecting their first child, which was met with many congratulations and lots of excitement.  The wife was beaming with joy as she explained that they were only 8 weeks along, but they had their first ultrasound which showed a strong heartbeat and everything looked good. She was a happy mom.

At this point, one of the single guys seemed a little startled and he leaned in across the table, saying, “Whoa… a heartbeat at 8 weeks??” The couple nodded. “I didn’t even know that was possible…” he trailed off a little bit.

Seeing what was happening here, I couldn’t miss the opportunity.
“Oh yes!” I chimed in enthusiastically. “As a matter of fact, when I had a 7-week ultrasound with our second daughter, I was amazed because her arms were stretched out and she was bopping around, doing somersaults! Even the techs were surprised and started laughing at how playful she was.”

The new mother just continued to grin. “Oh, that’s awesome,” she said quietly.

The single guy was silent. He was thinking. The wheels were clearly turning in his head, his eyes rapidly blinking as his brilliant mind tried to process this information.

“…Huh…” he simply and finally said, as the conversation turned to the more familiar and comfortable world of semi-automated robotics.


One comment

  1. Guys are totally “grossed” out by this information – even in High School Biology class – like when I went through the stages of development because I had a pregnant mom in class (sadly, a freshman). Babies are babies are babies….not blobs of cells. Glad you got him thinking!


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