Master of the House?


A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get a girls’ day out with my friends C and L (i.e. our amazing husbands watched the kids for us all day! Thank you amazing husbands!).  Of course, we spent our free time going to a seminar… because that’s what we do.

It was called “The Art of Living” and it’s an ongoing program hosted by a local Opus Dei group.  The title of this particular offering was called “Master of the House” and it focused on beauty and the importance beauty has in our homes.  I could write a whole post on that idea, but the keynote talk was all about the Most Important Room in the Home.  Can you guess what it is?

Most of us guessed the kitchen.
Some said the family room.

It never crossed my mind that the answer is: The Master Bedroom.

I didn’t realize my bedroom looked EXACTLY like Jackie Kennedy’s!

As I sat there trying to comprehend how I could possibly have committed such a huge oversight, the talk turned to a few key ideas that I want to throw out there for my reader(s) and get some input.

1. Your marriage is the foundation upon which your family is built.  

2. Husband and wife need their own space apart from the children, a place where they can relax… and do other stuff.  

3. While it is important to try to make your whole home communicate “beauty,” your first obligation is towards nurturing that marital relationship and therefore you should focus on the bedroom when you begin decorating. 

I take number 1 as a given, though I will venture to say that perhaps there are people out there who would disagree.  I totally agree with number 2, but consequently, how seriously should I weigh number 3? Because right now my master bedroom kind of looks like this:

Yeah, I was totally kidding about the last one. This one, too. Kind of. 

It’s not that we’re messy people– actually far from it. We try to be very neat. But when you’re on a grad school budget with two kids, something has to give– and the most logical place to skimp is the place where you never have company. Right?

I also find myself thinking that even though it’s nice to have a little “retreat” space set up for us, we don’t really spend all that much time awake in our bedroom.  We have a front room in which we relax, do our work and socialize. How important is that other room?

I say these things and then I think: “Really important.”

I hate walking into the bedroom and feeling like I’d rather be somewhere else.  As I said– it’s not even that our room is particularly messy or even that it’s poorly decorated. Right now it just feels sparse. And cobbled together.  We weren’t really thinking about “designing” a room when we lugged in the discount furniture and the cheap blackout curtains a few years ago.  But now I really want to do something about it– because even if the Master Bedroom doesn’t register as The Most Important Room, I can admit that perhaps it actually is.  And even if not, I’m getting stir crazy with this New England winter and I need a project!

So here’s where you all come in!

1. What is the “most important” room in your house as it stands now? Ours is the living room because I’ve spent way more time decorating/re/re/re/redecorating that than I have anywhere else. And that’s where we spend most of our time. 

2. How would you start beautifying a sparse and perhaps eclectic room on a budget? (bonus points: do it without paint! Or changing carpeting. Or buying a new wardrobe)  

3. What’s your favorite colour palette for a bedroom?  

4. What do *you* think about prioritizing the bedroom when putting together a home? 

I will excitedly await your responses. 🙂



  1. Do you have a headboard? If not, i think you should make one. I hear they are really cheap and easy to make. like you were saying I think a duvet cover in a cheerful or rich print is a gteat idea. Prints (three or four) above head board. you could get some canvases and paint them in a maybe more subdued color if you go with something bright for the bedspread. obviously you have your own style but you could just paint the geometric patterns on em. That would give a nice masculine note to the space. your turn to help me spruce up.our master next!!


  2. Answering your first question is easy when you live in a studio!! Haha but seriously… I feel like our apartment has very little decor cohesion, but the biggest thing I think we need to do is buy new furniture. Since we'll be moving in the summer redecorating isn't really a priority right now.


  3. 1. For us it is also the living room because it is where we spend the majority of our time and entertain visitors. However, I will say that decorating in the bedroom does make me enjoy relaxing in there more. I just don't do AS much there as I do in our open living spaces.
    2. All I did for our room was place some of our knick knacks on display on the dresser, we hung curtains (those “eclipse” ones – but I wouldn't let Michael buy them in a color I hated or clashes with our bedspread haha), and I hung two pictures frames and an artwork print on the walls. To beautify the frames more I hung them from the nail on some ribbon (I plan to show pics on my blog soon). It made a BIG difference. I think simple things make a big difference – adding ribbon, changing up your pillow cases or bedspread, etc. I like Cat's suggestion about a headboard because we lack one…but I think we have managed to beautify our space without it, too. Even a few throw pillow with nice pillow covers can transform the feel of the room!
    3. I don't know my favorite color palette but ours is blue, light yellow, beige, and light green (which matches our bedspread and dresser).
    4. Honestly I don't think the bedroom has to be the number 1 place to decorate because…I think it's more important to prioritize (especially on a limited budget) where you will be spending the most time. However, in Florida we never hung anything on walls or had curtains and since we moved and I did some very simple decorating I love looking at our bedroom about 100 million times more. So I think it's good not to entirely neglect one room. I think it's better to do small, subtle things in every room vs. putting all your money in one room if you have a limited budget or time.


  4. Also, this is a silly question – but when I comment with this blogger profile and you get an email about it does it show my personal email address in the email notification?? I have wondered this for awhile now. If so, I really need to log into my blog through my blog email address to keep my last name private when I comment on people's blogs. Oops. Let me know!


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