Domincans are fond of speaking of being “nailed to the cross of one’s desk.”

Study is a key pillar of our Lay Dominican life, because all Truth leads to God. It is our special charism to study so that we can be nourished by Truth and equipped to share that same knowledge and love of God with others.

So that’s why I’m not blogging right now. I’m working on a few projects that require some intense study, so I’ve been trying to balance that with the chaotic and demanding joys of family life. I ask for your prayers in these tasks and hope I can rejoin the blogosphere on a regular basis very soon!

Oh– and before I go, I want to give a shout-out to my fellow Lay Dominican, Kathleen, whom I met this past weekend at the Portsmouth Institute ConferenceIMG_20160615_093915304_HDR

See you on the other side of this stack of books!

… unless of course I get more great suggestions for books. What are YOU reading right now?



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