Another Book To Read…


I’m not sure I have time for a full review of this one, but a colleague just gifted me a copy of Alice von Hildebrand’s “Memoirs of a Happy Failure” and I devoured it in just a little over a day. It’s a quick and charming read!

Over the years I’ve felt that Alice is a bit of an acquired taste when it comes to theological reflections, but she really is a beautiful and holy person. What I didn’t realize was that throughout her career at Hunter College in New York, she suffered in many ways professional and personal due to the fact that she was not only a woman in academia, but also an ardent Catholic. This book was a collection of delightful personal reminiscences and vignettes about the many ways grace guides you through tumultuous circumstances. For anyone who is a Catholic teacher of any sort, this book is also an edifying look at how faith and commitment to Truth can convert the hearts of students, even the ones who seem the most hostile or disinterested.

Oh, and I hate to spoil the surprise, but she’s really not a failure. Good for you, Alice.

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