Speaking Engagements

You’ve found the online home of the “Summa Momma”: Catholic catechist, speaker and retreat leader!

Mrs. Christina Valenzuela, OP (religious name: Zelie Margaret) is a wife, mother and Lay Dominican with a passion and zeal for teaching adults and families about the Catholic faith. She has worked in college campus ministry, taught middle- and high-school confirmation classes, RCIA, led adult discussion groups and lectures and planned and directed numerous retreats.

Whether it’s a single lecture event, a series of talks or a retreat, the “Summa Momma” would love to assist your parish, school or group with your efforts for the New Evangelization!Currently, Christina is only scheduling appearances within 90 mins. of Boston. If you are farther away and would still like to speak about the possibility of helping with your event, please don’t hesitate to be in touch!


Cooperators in God’s Creative Love:
Chastity, Responsible Parenthood and NFP
MIT Tech Catholic Community: Cambridge, MA, January 2019

NFP and Christian Accompaniment
Maronite Servants of Christ the Light: Dartmouth, MA, July 2018

Participant: Panel on “Catholic Parenting in a Post-Christian World”
Portsmouth Institute for Faith and Culture: Summer Conference, June 2018
Panel moderated by Brandon McGinley, Editor at EWTN Books

“The Anchor of Hope in the Barque of St. Peter”
Lay Dominican Regional Meeting, October 2017
How did St. Peter experience and communicate the theological virtue of HOPE in his life and ministry? How does Pope Francis’ recent catechesis on hope build on and add to the legacy of his predecessor? This talk blends Biblical exposition, prayer and theological reflection.

Theology of the Body and Genesis 2
Northeastern Catholic Women’s Group, February 2016
An exegetical look at how the ideas of “original solitude” and “original innocence” inform our lives and relationships today. What Truths about marriage and mankind are revealed through the story of the Creation of Adam and Eve?

“Salvific Beauty: God and Art”
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Tech Catholic Community, Lent 2015
For adults: can be done as a three-part series or a single lecture. Here we explore the ways in which we encounter the Divine through art in all its forms. In particular, these presentations encourage adults to use art for prayer, meditation and “training” (or: askesis) in the Christian life.

Talks for Parish Groups:

“Say Not I Am Too Young”
A talk for confirmation candidates, encouraging them to use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to serve the Church and the world. No one is too young to follow Christ!

Marriage and NFP
Great for marriage/Pre-Cana retreats, this talks explores what the Church teaches about the Sacrament of marriage and the meaning of sexual intimacy within marriage. Can also be modified for middle- and high-school students.

DCP Crest
“Every Dominican must be prepared to preach the Word of God”- Rule for the Lay Fraternities of St. Dominic, paragraph 12

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