Finally! The Winter Newsletter!

I feel like I just finish a marathon that was made up entirely of sprints. *Whew!* Thank you for patiently waiting for me to finish this latest NFP Newsletter. Please be in touch if you have any questions!



NFP Ambassadors Network!


Thanks to a great response from my last newsletter, I decided to make a Facebook group (oh no, not another one of those….?): The NFP Ambassadors Network

The purpose of this group is to share information and ideas, support one another, and get equipped to spread the word about NFP (any and all types!) in any way we can.  We’ll be highlighting resources, current NFP news, asking questions and building up a repertoire of bulletin ads, conversation starters or other tools we might need in the quest to make NFP an available, accessible and achievable option for all couples who want it.

If you’d like to join, shoot me an email! Let me know about your NFP journey. We’d love to have you join the cause!

Summer Newsletter!

Head on over to the newsletter archives and check out the latest issue of “NFP and Me.”

As a follow-up, email me if you are interested in learning more about becoming an NFP Ambassador for your parish! You don’t need to be a teacher to support others: even just knowing that someone else is out there can make all the difference for a couple wishing to learn more!


7QT: 7 Types of NFP


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SUPER quick this week!

Some people think that “NFP” is a specific term which means a particular method, but “NFP” is really an umbrella term to describe a whole family of methods which take into account the natural period of fertility and infertility in order to achieve or postpone pregnancy.  No one method is perfect for everyone, and some couples may find that their needs vary over time. So, as we wrap up NFP Awareness week, I present to you:

7 DIFFERENT Types of NFP! 

…And links for where to find out more!

1. The Rhythm Method– What my doctor thinks I do, as she wrinkles her judgy-McJudgerson nose. An oldie, but for some people it can still be a goodie!
2. Billings– A truly pioneering method developed over 50 years ago, which has helped set WHO standards.

3. Sympto-Thermal- There are a LOT of variations on this one, but they all require similar observations and charting styles. This link provides FREE instruction manual and charts.
4. Creighton- Sorry, NaPro users, I’ve met far too many of you who think this is the only method… but you’re one of many! This is the method I point people towards if they have fertility problems and are trying to conceive. It’s *very* tough to learn for some people, but can yield great benefits.
5. Marquette (and Sympto-Hormonal)– A huge technological leap for NFP! Can be done in combination with a sympto-thermal approach as well. I use the Boston Method, which is an example of such a hybrid. 
6. Cycle Beads– For those Earthy-Crunchy types. Get them at your local Whole Foods! Can be very simple and effective for over 80% of the population.

7. Standard Days– Developed by Georgetown especially for third-world nations or populations with little educational backgrounds.

Whether you’re totally happy with your method, looking for something different, or perhaps checking it out for the future, I hope this helps! Again: this is NOT an exhaustive list! If you are using something I left out, please add it in the comments. 
Thank you Carolyn for hosting this week! Happy Friday!
Summa Momma

NFP Awareness Week


So, I’ve been neglecting my own blog recently, but I did get a little spot done for Melody at Melody’s HarmoniesWhat made it to her blog was the “personal experience” component, which I never feel all that confident about writing. The original piece I sent her was more about introducing people to our chosen method, so I give that to you below.  

Please head over to her blog to check out what I and a few other women have to say about our journeys (so far) with NFP! And if you want to learn more about BCC, contact me!

Boston Cross-Check Method
This is my favorite method (which is why I chose to  teach and practice it!) for three reasons: effectiveness, options and ease. BCC is a hybrid model of Heidelberg sympto-thermal plus the Marquette ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor protocol, which places its *TYPICAL* use effectiveness around 98.4% and perfect use at 99.6%+ (that means it’s super easy to learn and use).  By combining simplified mucus observations, basic NO MATH temperature rules and an easy monitor check, this is a method that anyone can use.  Couples can use all three observations to cross-check, or pick and choose which ones work best at any given time. Do you  have a toddler with a crazy sleep schedule? Ditch the temp that month. Weird mucus patterns? Forget it for now. Missed your testing window for the monitor? That’s ok. Post-partum? We have cutting-edge research protocols for the monitor, whether or not you are also using LAM. The individual components are flexible and can be varied every month, but the method on the whole is solid. I have only used it for postponing (yet!), but many clients with PCOS or other fertility issues have used it successfully to conceive. If you can keep a basic chart and want a method that is simple to learn, I really can’t recommend it enough! 

PSA: Temp-Drop


Hey ladies! There’s a new BBT (Basal Body Temperature) Thermometer for NFP-users due to come on the market Spring 2016… That is, if they raise enough funds.

Let me introduce to you: Temp-Drop. It’s a BBT that you fasten under your arm at night.  It automatically tracks your temperature, keeps track of your sleep cycles, and determines your *TRUE* BBT for the night, making it much easier to chart temperatures, especially during periods of poor or interrupted sleep. This means that no one is beholden to their alarm clock, too. To top it all off, it is capable of syncing directly to your phone or computer, uploading your information to your favorite charting app!

While Temp-Drop may not be perfect (you have to replace it after a year of use and it is on the pricey side), it is a landmark product in NFP technology that is worth supporting!! You can preorder NOW. Tell your friends. Post it on Facebook and Twitter and your blog. Anything to get the word out!