Are you currently accepting clients?

In order to best serve my current clients, I will not be taking any new clients until January 2020. If you have a serious immediate need for instruction, please fill out a contact form and I will be happy to discuss options.

How much does Boston Cross Check cost?

Fees for instruction can vary based on what sort of instruction you are needing, and whether you need long-term follow up. In general, you can expect to pay between $100-$200 for a course, so you are encouraged to fill out a contact form to get a direct quote. I believe very firmly that NFP should be accessible and affordable for all couples, so if you are experiencing financial hardship, please do not hesitate to ask me about payment plans or a sliding fee scale.

Ongoing costs for the method will be determined by which fertility signs you wish to incorporate. There is a one-time cost for a thermometer, which can range from less than $10 for a simple basal body thermometer, or to $100+ for a wearable device. The hormone monitor is also a one-time cost of about $100, and within regular cycles you can expect to use 10-15 test sticks. These expenses should be FSA/HSA eligible. If any of these costs seem to be an impediment to learning the method, please let me know! I have worked with couples in the past to speak with pastors and other potential donors to defray expenses.

Are you a medical professional?

No. Boston Cross Check does not require instructors to be medical professionals, unlike Creighton or Marquette. A BCC instructor is trained to identify potential health concerns based on cycle presentation, and to offer any suggestions about how we might address them without medication. If an issue seems to be beyond our scope, or we need additional information that can only be obtained through medical tests, your instructor will help you know exactly what to ask your doctor and will follow up with you based on results. Some people prefer to have “seamless” fertility care, where they learn a method with a health professional who also is able to diagnose and treat any issues that may come up. If this is important to you, BCC might not be a good fit, but be sure you are familiar with other aspects of the methods before you choose one simply based on having a nurse/doctor.

Can I learn BCC postpartum?

Yes! BCC has a very robust protocol postpartum. Clients will be taught all of the different protocol options, and led through return of fertility. As your cycles return, we will work together to determine whether you would like to continue learning BCC for standard cycles, or whether you would like to return to a different method (if you used one before).

Is there a book that can teach me BCC without using an instructor?

Boston Cross Check is a method which is designed to be delivered by a qualified instructor, as this is the best way to achieve maximum efficacy with this (or any other!) method. We do not publicly publish our protocols, nor do we supply protocols to those who are not clients.

How do you conduct your classes?

I schedule courses either weeknights after 8 PM EST or weekends, depending on availability. If you are local to Boston, I prefer to meet in person and can work with you to find a suitable location (either at my home office, or I can travel to you). If you live farther away, I conduct sessions via Skype, Google Hangouts, or whatever video method is easiest for you.

How responsive are you to client messages?

In general, I try to respond to client messages via email with 24 hours. Whenever I will have an expected delay in communications (e.g., vacation) I will send out an email to all of my clients in advance.

Is Boston Cross Check just basically Marquette with temps?

Couples familiar with the Marquette Method may find many similarities between MM and BCC when utilizing the hormone monitor; however, these are two distinct methods and even with the monitor there are slight protocol differences between them. BCC began as a sympto-thermal method and has incorporated the hormone monitor into its unique approach to cervical fluid and temps, making it very easy to use and highly adaptable to your needs. I am happy to discuss the particular differences between methods during consultations.

Do you only accept couples as clients?

Learning NFP as a couple has many benefits, and I expect that any engaged couple looking to learn the method prior to getting married will attend classes together. However, many single women may want to learn an NFP method to monitor their health or gain proficiency prior to becoming engaged. Additionally, couples who are already married (especially those with children!) may find it difficult to attend classes together. I therefore do not require couples to always attend sessions together and respect that all couples may have different comfort levels, needs and preferences.

Do I need to be Catholic to learn Boston Cross Check?

NFP is a wonderful way to learn about fertility, regardless of your religion. If you are not Catholic, you are very welcome to take a course! Please be advised, however, that BCC does not allow for barrier methods during the fertile window and I will never advise a client on how to deviate from protocol by using methods which are against Catholic teaching.