Presentations and Workshops

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“Say Not I Am Too Young”
A talk for confirmation candidates, encouraging them to use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to serve the Church and the world. No one is too young to follow Christ!

“Salvific Beauty: God and Art” 
For adults: can be done as a three-part series or a single lecture. Here we explore the ways in which we encounter the Divine through art in all its forms. In particular, these presentations encourage adults to use art for prayer, meditation and “training” (or: askesis) in the Christian life.

Theology of the Body and Genesis 2
An exegetical look at how the ideas of “original solitude” and “original innocence” inform our lives and relationships today. What Truths about marriage and mankind are revealed through the story of the Creation of Adam and Eve?

Marriage and NFP
Great for marriage/Pre-Cana retreats, this talks explores what the Church teaches about the Sacrament of marriage and the meaning of sexual intimacy within marriage. Can also be modified for middle- and high-school students.

St. Dominic and his Holy Hounds
Who was St. Dominic and who are the Dominicans? A joyful look at the Order of Preachers, their work and some of its most famous saints, with a special emphasis on vocation and the universal call to evangelize